Ok so this is my Tumblr :D
Doctor - The Doctor, Doctor Who
Everdeen - Katniss Everdeen, Hunger Games
Jackson - Percy Jackson, Percy Jackson
OK so i have started reading the Percy Jackson books and i love the 1st one and Second one :) Hunger Games I've Read all 3 and Watched the movie, all amazing and the film, surprisingly accurate. Doctor Who - Need you ask? I'm British, home of Doctor who, and Sherlock of course. I have seen all episodes from the 2005 onwards at least 5 times and can safely say I'm a Whovian, so there you have it, I'm a Whovian Tribute who spends their summers at Camp Half-Blood


WELCOME to my new tumblr, it’s my second one, kinda more of a private one that my friends don’t know about :L Please follow for funny DW, HG and PJ GIFs :D and posts and other stuffsshs :D BYE¬†